01.05.2016 - magma architecture nominated for DAM Award 2017

12.04.2016 - magma architecture are commissioned for a new exhibition building in the UAE


23.03.2016 – magma wins AIT Award honourable mention for the PanAm Shooting Venue in Toronto, Canada


14.03.2016 - Lena and Martin start teaching an architectural design studio at Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden


08.03.2016 - Martin lecutres in Deventer (NL) on Textiles in Architecture


07.03.2016 - Candian shooting range has been nominated for the Mies Crown Hall Americas Prize


29.02.2016 - Martin Ostermann and Lena Kleinheinz lecture together at the University of Brighton about "The Five Point Palm Exploding Box Technique"


18.01.2016 - Judging the ‪‎competitionline‬ Competition Campus student/universities award. 245 entries = a long and inspiring day.


11.01.2016 - Martin Ostermann lecturing a the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology


06.01.2016 - Vote for our Canadian shooting range to become 2015 building of the year:


05.11.2015 - Martin Ostermann lecturers at University of Stuttgart


02.11.2015 - PanAm Games Shooting Range on DEZEEN


29.10.2015 - magma architecture receives IOC IAKS Award.

Gilbert Felli expresses pleasure to give an ‪‎IOC‬/iaks award to a temporary building. Most honoured to receive it!


21.10.2015 - PanAmerican Games have been successful. New pics of TO2015 Pan Am Games Shooting Venue now online.


13.07.2015 - Martin lectures at Hafen City University in Hamburg:


20.05.2015 - Joined the board of trustees of the


24.04.2015 - Chalmers students of Studio Motion @magmaarchitecture.


12.03.2015 - magma director curates first German Instagram exhibition


23.02.2015 - Lena Kleinheinz talks in Hamburg about: "Mobil und flüchtig - Perspektiven einer neuen Nachhaltigkeit" @Knauf_Presse


18.02.2015 - Lena Kleinheinz talks to Matthias Sauerbruch and Andreas Ruby: Sustainability since Alvar Aalto, Vitra Museum.


10.11.2014 – magma lecture on Saturday in Milan:


04.11.2014 - Lena Kleinheinz speaks at symposium "RAEUME ERLEBEN", Fachhochschule Kaiserslautern.


26.10.2014 - Big article about us in today's local Sunday paper @Morgenpost.


07.10.2014 - magma architecture consults @WorldBank on doing business in Germany.


06.10.2014 - magma’s Lena Kleinheinz on experiencing space, 5th November at the University in Kaiserslautern:


29.09.2014 - Another architecture award nomination for OLYMPIC SHOOTING ARENAS


08.09.2014 - We will be judging the competition campus award 2015 - students and universities submit your projects!


28.08.2014 - Lena Kleinheinz on panel discussion with Matthias Sauerbruch and Andreas Ruby @vitra design museum in February:


31.07.2014 - Our visions for the Metropolitain Rhein-Main Region showcased in an exhibition in the town hall of Offenbach until 12th August 2014.


23.06.2014 - Drawings and model on their way to Newcastle today:


02.06.2014 – Only PORTABLE London 2012 venue: Parts of our Shooting Arenas re-erected in Glasgow.


28.05.2014 - Martin's vision of the future or architecture:


10.04.2014 – Our visions for the Rhein-Main Area on show at the German Architecture Museum (DAM) in Frankfurt:


25.03.2014 –Looking forward to teaching a unit at Chalmers University of Technology this term


10.02.2014 - Lecturing at University of Darmstadt on Thursday night.


14.01.2014 - imm cologne 2014, Lena Kleinheinz speaking with Werner Aisslinger, Philippe Grohe, Boris Schade-Bünsow, Friday 3 pm: …


12.01.2014 - Neue deutsche Welle | Architektur und Wohnen …


10.01.2014 - Panel discussion with Jürgen Mayer H. and others on "Rethink & Recycle" @thedomotex in Hannover tomorrow 1 pm.


12.12.2013 - Read our recent statement on sustainable mobile buildings in: “The Economy of Sustainable Construction” …


05.12.2013 - Join us for our lecture about form with Werner #Aisslinger at @ElementeInfo in Berlin tonight: …


29.11.2013 - Join us for our keynote speech today 2.30 pm at facade2013 conference at Detmold School of Architecture! …


28.10.2013 - The relocatable tensile fabric shooting arenas for London 2012 win IFAI industry award 


27.10.2013 - Speaking with Andreas Ruby, Kaja Jorem and Kathrin Susanna Gimmel about sustainability in Berlin on 5th November: …


23.10.2013 - magma's football stadium design wins honourable mention in Szczecin.


24.09.2013 - Olympic shooting venue receives Chicago Athenaeum International Design Award 


16.09.2013 - Watch us enthuse about our favourite building in Berlin, film premiere Thursday 26th: architectuul


29.08.2013 - Lena Kleinheinz and Werner Aisslinger carve out the difference between design and architecture. Foto


21.08.2013 - Another statement from magma architecture on the Baukultur platform, this time about working conditions in architectural offices. 


14.08.2013 - Last day: See magma's fabric models at the We Made 2012 Exhibition tomorrow, 15th August.


 07.08.2013 - ISSF General Secretary Franz Schreiber praises the London Olympic Shooting site.


10.07.2013 - Delighted to receive the RIBA NLA IstructE Special Recognition Award for Shooting Arenas at Designing for Champions last night.


30.06.2013 - See glimpses of magma's first design in China.